JO303 Assignments

 Video Piece

Screen Shot 2017-12-05 at 1.37.13 PM.png

Creating this video was somewhat of a throwback into time. Before college, I spent a lot of time singing in a choir. I even entertained the thought of being a music therapist, but as BU became more busy, I had to give up the one thing I always called home.

Being able to capture the dedication and pride of Symphonic chorus was an absolute joy. Hearing everyone’s stories in addition to the gorgeous harmonies made me miss singing up on stage with them. Members came from many backgrounds and really created a diverse community, joined together just to sing. It was wonderful.

Shooting the video itself was fairly difficult simply because of the poor lighting. I continue to have trouble making sure videos are in focus because the DSLR screen is so tiny, but I’m working on improving!

Snapshot Boston


Believe it or not, this photo was completely staged.

In order to recreate a popular work by Erwitt, my roommate, my Boston Terrier “Flip”, and I took to Bay State Road for a late afternoon photoshoot. The photo composition plays along with Erwitt’s photograph. On the left, there’s a stuffed terrier to represent the  actual dog. To the right, are a pair of women’s feet, just like in Erwitt’s piece.

While the main task of this photograph was to emulate a master, taking the actual picture brings another story to the table. After a long day of class, both my roommate and I returned to our apartment. I peek my head into her room and asked “hey, I have a weird request…” then handed her my old wedges.

As we made our way down the stairs, we laughed at how ridiculous this was about to be. While her feet were gussied up, she was wearing her pajamas for the night. And, in lieu of a K-9 friend, we brought down a stuffed terrier plush wearing a t-shirt with pancakes on it.

The rush to the dining hall next door proved somewhat difficult as we stood in the way of the hoards of hungry college students with our fluffed dog and impromptu photo shoot. Smiles grew and chuckles left the mouths of passerby at the strange scene, but since this is college after all, no one questioned the scene.

This project reminded me of how vivid these stories can be behind the photo taken. Definitely a photo to remember.

53rd Annual Head of the Charles Regatta

OCTOBER 22, 2017

Some of my favorite photographs

OCTOBER 18, 2017

IMG_0610 copy

I took this photo on the Charles River Esplanade. The greenery’s framing is my favorite part.


This photo was taken from Chesapeake Bay in Maryland. Just taken on my iPhone but Just loved the refection of the sun on the water.


It’s a bust of Shakespeare in a sombrero. Need I say more? I took this picture for a class my sophomore year of high school.


This picture was taken for this class and is a recreation of Erwitt. I enjoy this piece because of the process it took to create it. I had to lie down on Bay State Rd in the middle of dining rush hour and the looks were priceless. My roommate was just wearing pajamas and heels at the time.


Just a fun picture of DNA recreation. I liked the detail of the picture and the colors.